From the Field: Fellows share important lessons

Wow! We can’t believe how fast the last four months have flown by. As KF27’s fellowships draw to a close we asked them to share with us one lesson they learned in the field:


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“I have learnt that an office is definitely not the best place to work. Under a mango tree or having a Borrower Verification meeting in the car can also be productive!”

Aradni Liakis | Haiti



“I've learned the value of being disconnected.“

Laura Mortara | Colombia



“I've learned that horrible life experiences can't diminish a vocational passion - eyebrow threading! Hanan is an Iraqi refugee in Kentucky whose salon was burned down in Baghdad in 2003. Her upcoming Zip loan will allow her to open a new salon.”

Josie Raymond | Louisville, USA



“I've learned how important it is to live the dreams you imagine.”

Sara Wilf | San Francisco, USA


11836697_10153463033456605_7268686634818219147_n.jpg11838802_10153463033451605_318939862484469887_o.jpg”I've learned that Armenians can be wonderfully resourceful!”

Mark McDonagh | Armenia



“I've learnt that strange things become familiar eventually. Whether it's getting used to a new city, hanging out with a new crowd, starting out with a new partner or navigating PA2. It's a simple lesson that bears repeating and I keep telling myself this so that eventually I'll be able to walk out onto my apartment balcony in Jakarta without my knees shaking!”


Kate O’Brien | Jakarta, Indonesia


About the author

Tiffany Mau

Born and raised in Southern California, Tiff is a bubbly and extroverted gal who traded her flip flops for rain boots when she moved to the Bay Area for college. Currently, Tiff is a junior at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Media Studies and Psychology. After traveling with World Vision to Zambia, Tiff grew her heart and passion for poverty alleviation and anti human trafficking causes. Since middle school, Tiff has been involved with Kiva as a lender and is excited and eager to join the Kiva team this summer to learn what goes on behind the scenes and how to empower people to be self sufficient. Post graduation, Tiff hopes to combine her expertise in media, marketing strategies, psychology background and unending optimism to make a lasting and positive impact for victims of social injustice. Tiff is a Christian, contemporary dancer, lover of ice cream, boba addict, Disney fan and adventure seeker.