By Megan Tatman Montgomery, KF8 Costa Rica

Microfinance involves a tremendous amount of legwork.  While Kiva is all about facilitating connections between borrowers and lenders, it’s important to recognize the hard work of those in the field that make sure your money gets to microentrepreneurs that need it the most.  Here is a brief glimpse into EDESA, Kiva’s field partner in Costa Rica, with a little more about how the organization works and the people that are working hard to alleviate poverty in Costa Rica.


If you’d like to learn more about microfinance in Costa Rica, join the EDESA lending team, Pura Vida Costa Rica.  Also, be sure to visit this link regularly to see any currently fundraising loans for Costa Rican microentrepreneurs.


Megan Tatman Montgomery is wrapping up her fourth and, sadly, final placement as a Kiva Fellow.  Prior to EDESA, she served at Friendship Bridge and FAPE in Guatemala and ADEPHCA in Nicaragua.  Feel free to email her at with any questions, comments, or requests for future blog posts.


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