Kiva Intern to Kiva Fellow

Hello from Indonesia! I am in my first week of my fellowship and wanted to make my presence known on the fellows blog. My name is Cissy and I will be working with Tanaoba Lais Manekat (TLM) in West Timor for the next 12 weeks. Unlike other fellows, I had the opportunity to work as an intern in the Kiva office in San Francisco for 5 months before my fellowship. I worked on the logistical side of the Kiva Fellows Program under JD and Zack. Like the idea behind Kiva, the actual office is a pretty awesome place. It has a warm atmosphere with lots of inviting couches and friendly people. The staff is a tight knit family committed to the mission of Kiva – to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty. They work hard to keep Kiva running smoothly and keep users, like you, engaged.

Ever wonder what goes on at the Kiva office? Well, here is an inside look! I made a little video highlighting my transition from intern to fellow. This video is a tribute to the wonderful Kiva staff who I miss dearly…


Cissy DeLuca is serving as a Kiva Fellow with Tanaoba Lais Manekat (TLM) in Kupang, West Timor, Indonesia. TLM is a new partner that joined Kiva in January and is still in pilot phase. You can view their Kiva loans here!


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