By Susan Arthur, KF8, Nicaragua

Dear Kiva Novela Fans,

I was unable to upload the two videos that were to accompany last Saturday’s (Episode 2) of “As the Microfinance Mundo Turns.” So consider this to be Episode 2.5. Don’t miss Laura Hopps’s testimonial about Doña Cony’s ice cream. Laura lives in Nicaragua and volunteers for the Centro Cultural Batahola Norte. Follow her Friends of Batahola blog if you want to learn more.


Also, your mouth will water when Doña Cony lists the ingredients in her ice cream.


Doña Cony’s dream, as announced in the first episode of “As the Microfinance Mundo Turns”, is to open her own restaurant.

Will Doña Cony seek credit from one of Kiva’s field partners in Nicaragua? Will she apply at CEPRODEL? Will she qualify? What does she have to do to get a loan? Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of “As the Microfinance Mundo Turns.”

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