Kiva’s First US Loan

Maria Shriver and I just made a loan to Elizabeth, the first US Kiva Borrower- next week Elizabeth is cutting my hair!

cant sleep kiva 041

The adrenaline rush I have right now going onto Kiva’s website and seeing loans for entrepreneurs in the United States might compare with what sports fans feel when they watch a good super bowl game.

It’s so exciting. I log into my Kiva account and can see the borrowers that we have been gathering the last few weeks all the sudden go active on the Kiva website.

Preparing for the U.S. launch has been somewhat of a “top secret” operation over the last few months and today it’s finally real.

Check out  a few videos of some of the borrowers from ACCION USA that are included in the June 10th US Launch!

Joe from Erica Dorn on Vimeo.

Luis delivery service from Erica Dorn on Vimeo.

Gotta go.. Premal is coming on Good Morning America!!!


My personal interest in US microfinance began while fundraising for rebuilding projects in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Seeing the desperate need for support of small businesses aid and development to strengthen communities, it has become a goal to spread awareness about US Microfinance. I have been thrilled to be the first domestic Kiva Fellow helping launch such a momentous development in US Microfinance.

Check out all of the ACCION USA loans being funded on Kiva.

For more information- (I’ll be the fellow checking the email) Wonder how many will come in today?


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