Loan Officers: The Unsung Heroes of Microcredit

Long hours, low pay, angry barking dogs, collection calls, long motorcycle rides and even longer walks…………what on earth keeps these loan officers “in the saddle” 8+ hours a day, 6 days a week?  I interviewed two of ASDIR’s (Kiva’s partner bank in Totonicapan, Guatemala)  loan officers to try and find out.

I have to say I have been most impressed by the dedication, care and compassion of the  loan officers at this MFI. I would also bet  that most of Kiva’s 90+  field partners  have similar, committed loan officers—- clearly motivated by a lot more than money!

Interview is in Spanish, with subtitles and, it will soon become clear that I was not selected as a Kiva Fellow on the basis of my video editing (or taking) skills.


Click on this link for more information on ASDIR


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