Un Puñado de Dólares/Une Poignée de Dollars

One testament to the power of the Fellow’s network, as described in Julie Ross’s excellent post The Importance Of My Fellow Fellows, is the existence of these two videos below. No sooner had Abby Gray (KF6) suggested via a mass email that it would be useful to have A Fistful Of Dollars: The Story Of A Kiva Loan in French so that she can show it to her MFI in Francophone Africa, than offers to translate/edit poured in from around the fellosphere. “Spanish would be great too” lead to a similar rumbling from the Latin American contingent.

Within three days I had both translations, thrice checked over. And a lot of work on my hands. Et voila! Only… ahem…  a-month-and-a-half later, and the videos are finished.

To link directly to Un Puñado de Dólares, use this link: http://www.vimeo.com/3479976

To link directly to Une Poignée de Dollars, use this link: http://www.vimeo.com/3445730

To download either video, go to the Vimeo page (French/Spanish) of the video, scroll down and on the right-hand side below the viewing stats there is a Download section where you can download the Quicktime version (you will need Quicktime player which can be downloaded for free on the Quicktime Download Page for PC or Mac.

A thousand fistfuls of thanks to Abby Gray, Jessica Chervin, Cynthia McMurry, Monica Chavez Arriaza, and Brice Richel.

HELP PLEASE: If anyone knows how best to get these videos seen by the French and Spanish speaking world, please let me know or distribute as you see fit!

Coming soon… A Fistful Of Dollars… in Japanese!!


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