Hola from Guatemala City!

Well, what the guidebooks say is true: Guatemala City is no walk in the park. Yet, the largest city in Central America certainly has much to offer and I look forward to sharing my experiences over the next few months with you.

I hope you enjoy the video below that I created to introduce you to FAPE – the microfinance foundation I’ll be working with here in Guatemala City. A previous Kiva Fellow (Megan Montgomery) and the Kiva staff have built a strong partnership with FAPE and I’ve been received with open arms and a lot of food.

Here are a few facts about Guatemala:

    - Estimated 2008 Population: 13.6 million
    - Population living below poverty line: 59%
    - Indigenous population: 41%
    - Languages: Spanish + 24 recognized indigenous languages
    - GDP: $33.7 billion (About that of the state of Montana)

Hasta pronto!


Help support FAPE and Guatemalan entrepreneurs by joining the
“Viva Guatemala” lending team! 


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