Bali In My Brain

I will now share my knowledge and potentially erroneous information about Bali, Indonesia:

  • My principal mode of transportation, motor bike, will significantly increase my chances of bodily harm and death
  • The start of the rainy season is October, which neatly coincides with my start date
  • Bali has world-class banana pancakes

This is all important because I am going to be volunteering for Kiva’s field partner in Bali, the DINARI Foundation.  I will be doing my best to interview borrowers, help DINARI comply with Kiva’s procedures and assist DINARI in their microfinance work. I hope that my existing knowledge will prepare me for the challenges ahead. Any additional and accurate information would be appreciated.


Lander Burr

Check out the new loans for my microfinance institution (there may not be any currently):


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