1. You are constantly told to eat more ugali so you won’t be so skinny.

2. Cell phone towers are more common than traffic lights.

3. You see signs like this:

3.5. And this:


4. The most common phrase you hear is “Hey mzungu! Taxi?”

(“mzungu” is Swahili for “white person”)

5. A short cab ride can cost up to 3,000 TZS, but no worries…that’s only $2.

6. The vernacular has enough common greetings to fill a dictionary, but locals resort to English to explain that they are “busy.”

7. KC & JoJo, Shania Twain and WWF Wrestling are popular.

8. You usually use laundry detergent powder to wash your hands in restaurants.

9. Riding three people on a small Chinese motorbike is safer than riding certain bus routes.

10. The internet is so slow it takes 25 minutes to post this blog.


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