You know you are in Tanzania when… (Vol. II)

1. You are constantly told to eat more ugali so you won’t be so skinny.

2. Cell phone towers are more common than traffic lights.

3. You see signs like this:

3.5. And this:


4. The most common phrase you hear is “Hey mzungu! Taxi?”

(“mzungu” is Swahili for “white person”)

5. A short cab ride can cost up to 3,000 TZS, but no worries…that’s only $2.

6. The vernacular has enough common greetings to fill a dictionary, but locals resort to English to explain that they are “busy.”

7. KC & JoJo, Shania Twain and WWF Wrestling are popular.

8. You usually use laundry detergent powder to wash your hands in restaurants.

9. Riding three people on a small Chinese motorbike is safer than riding certain bus routes.

10. The internet is so slow it takes 25 minutes to post this blog.


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