Things at CRAN have been pretty hectic the past couple weeks.  At the end of February, CRAN is having an international rating done.  This basically announces to the entire microfinance world how well CRAN is run as a MFI.  A good rating could mean new sources of capital as well as world-wide acknowledgement of CRAN as well as one of the top MFIs in Ghana.  However, a bad rating would be a set back for the organization and would dampen spirits within the organization.  All CRAN employees have been working extra hard the past several weeks to ensure they do get a positive rating.  We recently had a staff meeting to go over what exactly the rating will cover.  Some of the areas of emphasis are one’s you’d never even think of, but this rating will help to tie-down any loose ends and make CRAN really focus on every minute detail within the organization.  How is money transferred to borrowers in the safest and most reliable manner?  If a branch unit is in a remote area, how can it send information back to the main office on a daily basis if there is no internet connection and no cost effective means to drive it to the office?  Without taking collateral from borrowers, what’s the best way to minimize loan defaults and late payments?  These are just a few of the questions, in addition to everyday business; CRAN is taking on to ensure they achieve a high rating.  


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