When I arrived here I was told that Phnom Penh was changing so quickly that even in the two months I would notice the difference in the city between when I arrived and when I left. It’s true that the city have been moving extraordinarily quickly. In 2000 there were no paved roads – now all the main streets are paved- and in 2005 there were no ATMs whatsoever – now they are everywhere. Nonetheless, I was skeptical that I would actually see any changes for myself, but it turns out they were right. My first journal mentioned the craziness of Phnom Penh’s roads. Well, this week, Phnom Penh instigated a new traffic system. I say new; I mean they instigated a system where there was none before. Now, on every street corner a policeman stands there waving the traffic on and holding up a red flag telling it to stop. Perhaps because of this, or maybe just because I feel more comfortable here in general, this week I rented a bicycle. I’m not sure why but the locals seem to find the phenomenon of me riding a bicycle amusing – hilarious even – but the laughter seems to be good natured and so I just smile and cycle on my way.


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