A Sourdough Dream: From Costa Rica to San Francisco

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San Francisco native Danny Paz Gabriner left his job in the tech industry 6 years ago with a dream to start his bread baking company, Sour Flour in the Mission district.

“There are 4 reasons why I chose to focus on bread,” Danny says. “Bread has been around for a really long time as a staple food, everyone that eats bread can be a customer, it’s wide reaching and it’s really simple — just flour, water and salt.”

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About the author

Meagan Le

Meagan not only contracted typhoid fever during one of her major trips abroad in 2013, but she also acquired an incurable curiosity for intercultural relations. While pursuing her B.A. in Environmental Studies at the University of San Francisco, Meagan became involved in international development, spending a summer in Rajasthan, India. Upon graduating in 2014, she returned to India to work with the Foundation for Sustainable Development. Offering reprieve from Rajasthan’s unforgiving desert heat, Meagan has returned to San Francisco. She is inspired by Kiva’s vision and intrigued by the role of technology in supporting diverse livelihoods through global support networks. Meagan is a San Francisco native who grew up navigating the city on Muni when bus fare was only 35-cents.