Life in the Field: Street art, good views and great people

The joys of traveling are limitless, especially when your journey is for a good cause. The people you meet, the relationships formed, the new scenery, the street art, and, of course, the local cuisine are just a few things that make adventures in unfamiliar places so exciting. This week, our Kiva fellows shared some highlights from their first days out in the field!


Paula Vega is spending her fellowship in the Santurce district of San Juan, Puerto Rico. She enjoys going for walks through the neighborhood and seeing all the street art that Santurce is famous for.


“Happiness is starting the day with an agua de coco!” - Julian Guelig in Brazil


A beautiful hike is a sure way to bring anyone some happiness. Kiva fellow Jennifer Hamilton took in the view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from the top of Mount Washington.

“I went on an impromptu field visit to learn about the energy efficient stoves my partner sells. This is an end user who has saved 50% of charcoal cost since using the stove. It was very rewarding to gradually build trust with her and turn the concern over our presence into a beautiful smile!” - Ran Fan in Uganda

It's not everyday that one can indulge in home-grown coffee. Julian Fellerman not only is learning about how the coffee culture of Nicaragua is developing, but also has the pleasure of enjoying a locally-sourced macchiato from Cafe Espressionista in Granada, Nicaragua.

A highlight for fellow Axel Stelk (center) was the Kiva City SF launch that took place at San Francisco’s historic City Hall where he “met a lot of great borrowers and one that stood out particularly. So much Kiva green and general energy in the room, absolutely amazing event!” Axel is pictured with SF borrower Seth. You can read about Seth’s inspiring story here:


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Deena Tailo

Deena graduated from the University of San Francisco with a double major in Latin American Studies and Spanish and a Psychology minor in May 2015. After a short volunteer trip to Guatemala in 2013 where she worked with children in a school setting, she began to understand her passion for human rights and social justice. After a few years of crowd-funding and starting a jewelry line to help the school in Guatemala become a more efficient learning and social environment, she began to understand that there is much to learn in the world of humanitarian aid.  Her experience in Guatemala as well as her undergraduate studies led her straight to Kiva. She is eager to learn and contribute her creativity, passion and experience in marketing to this empowering organization. In her free time Deena loves reading, hiking, and exploring.