Lending Teams: From zero to 400 in no time!

Thank you to all of our lenders out there who have created or joined a Lending Team over the past week and who are now enjoying the new feature! With over 400 teams having been created so far, we could not be more excited about our lender community and the diversity of our lenders interests. There are teams for universities, businesses, religious affiliations, political affiliations, KivaFriends, and for cities and countries; there are even teams for Animal Lovers and Quilters!

To give you ideas about the types of teams you can join or create, we thought we would call attention to a few teams here:

- The North Carolina-based Redwoods Group, a specialty insurance provider to YMCAs and Jewish Community Organizations (JCOs), set up a team to reflect their commitment to corporate social responsibility

- The Edmonds United Methodist Church in Washington State has set up a lending team so that any member of the congregation can participate and so that the church can easily measure its collective impact

- The Witherell Family in Pennsylvania created a team so that relatives across the country can lend together, track each others lending interests, and communicate on the message board along the way

- There is a team for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Kivans that is already having a large impact, with lots of members making loans in the very first week

- Students who are starting Campus Kiva chapters across the country have joined the Campus Kiva lending team, and have set up teams for their colleges/universities, to help coordinate and track their chapters activity

These are just a few examples of the kinds of teams you can join or create. The sky is the limit!

We are interested in making the new Lending Teams feature the best that it can be, so please contact us with any suggestions you have. We are listening and are anxiously awaiting your feedback.

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