Zopa Italy

As many readers will know, Zopa Uk is a thriving p2p lending marketplace that's pioneering social lending in the UK. Zopa Italy (a franchisee of Zopa Uk) opened on November 14th, 2007.

Today marks the midpoint of a generous campaign that Zopa Italy is doing to grow their community of lenders and borrowers, and to help Kiva.org entrepreneurs at the same time. Between December 15th and January 15th, they're lending $1 on Kiva.org for every new registration to zopa.it (their newsletter). They'll do this up to a max of $15,000, and will aim to invest in projects with loan terms of about 12 months.

Wow - thanks everyone at Zopa Italy!
We hope that this initiative will help Kiva.org become better known in Italy, and will help you grow a happier base of Italian “Zopiani!”

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