Nicholas Kristof visits his loan recipient - and writes about it in The New York Times

It's not every day at that we are lucky enough to see video of one of the entrepreneurs listed on our website. Watching a Kiva Entrepreneur smile proudly as they work in their place of business is a rare treat, and something that is emailed around the Kiva office faster than you can say "Click here to download".

So when Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times contacted us about visiting his loan recipients in Kabul, Afghanistan, we were of course eager to hear about Abdul's bakery and what it was like to meet him.

Better yet, Nicholas filmed the experience and has shared it with the world in his column in The New York Times. Click here to read about Nicholas' visit and watch the video. You can almost smell Abdul's bread baking in the oven.

(And if you thought the lady in the blue headscarf, Storai Sadat, looked familiar - you're right. Storai is pictured with Chelsa Bocci, Director of Microfinance Partnerships, on our November 15 news update at the International Microcredit Summit in Halifax.)

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Fiona Ramsey