Join us at the Awareness Party in L.A.!

Lounge 217
217 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 394-6336

When: Thursday, July 13, 9:00pm (that's right - tomorrow!)

Following the tremendous success of our San Francisco, we are hosting an awareness party in Los Angeles. Come along and meet some crew, learn more about or just get an early start on the weekend!

Entry is free for lenders (we'll have your name at the door if you've previously made a loan), and $10 minimum donation for non-lenders ( does not "skim" from loan funds, so all donations go to's operating costs).

"But I don't go out on Thursdays."
Make an exception; it'll be worth it. Support and have a great time with great people at a great venue (with easy parking!).

For more information contact Sundeep Ahuja ( / 415.596.0122)

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