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2010 Year In Review

Every year, January brings us a new beginning, the end of a year and some time to reflect. 2010 was a wonderful year for Kiva. There was tons of exciting new growth: from celebrating our 5th birthday to adding many new field partners, and launching our first student loans on the site! Here are some fun facts from 2010!

- 95,725 loans were posted on Kiva in 2010

- $74,235,600 in loans were posted on Kiva in 2010

(The number of borrowers whose loans were fully raised during the 2010 year.
This metric counts all borrowers on group loans - which is
why these numbers look higher than total numbers of loan funded.)

- Kiva posted loans for Field Partners in 54 countries this year!

- Kiva raised loans for entrepreneurs in 6 new countries the year! They were: Burundi, Congo, Israel, Jordan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka

- This year Kiva posted loans for 124 Field Partners

- Relationships were formed with 27 new Field Partners

- 126 Kiva Fellows volunteered several months of service all over the world

- During the 2010 holiday season alone, $3.6 million in gift certificates were purchased

- At the end of 2010, Kiva had grown to 76 employees

- We could never do what we do without the help of our volunteers. There were over 400 volunteers including in-office interns, review and translation volunteers, and many others!

We anticipate continued growth and excitement in 2011 and we look forward to sharing in it with all of you! Thank you for all you have done to support deserving entrepreneurs around the world, we couldn't do this without you.

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Kate Heryford