Changing Laundry, Changing Lives

Can you change lives while changing the way you do laundry? It sounds odd at first. What does laundry have to do with Kiva? We asked ourselves the same question. But when we found that some of Purex’s employees were avid Kiva lenders and that they wanted to find a way to let people discover Kiva and make a difference by connecting their Purex purchase with Purex loans to mom entrepreneurs, we thought it would be an interesting experiment in small actions that can add up to big impact.

When you purchase a package of the new Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ Laundry Sheets you can redirect one dollar from your purchase to Kiva. Simply log on to, enter the UPC code from your purchase, and you can contribute in a whole new way. Try it out. You might find that something as simple as changing laundry can be part of how you change lives with Kiva.

To learn more about the Purex partnership click on the widget above or visit:

About the author

Bennett Grassano

Bennett has a background as a technology entrepreneur, web developer, community leader, fundraiser, and business developer at leading social enterprises. Prior to joining Kiva, Bennett co-founded an open source e-commerce enterprise, led a coalition to establish an award winning arts education collaborative and Beacon School in San Francisco Richmond District, and worked as a web developer for search provider LookSmart. Bennett also served as Director of Institutional Development for TechSoup Global where he earned a grand prize from the Yale School of Management-Goldman Sachs National Nonprofit Business Plan competition for TechSoup Stock, an online product philanthropy service that went on to distribute over $1 billion in technology product donations to NGOs in 24 countries while generating nearly $20M.year in earned income to support the social enterprise’s mission of helping nonprofits achieve their mission through technology. Bennett leads strategic development initiatives at Kiva with major foundations and corporations including the Skoll Foundation, Omidyar Network, Google, Rockefeller Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, among others.