A Fistful of Dollars, Part II

Kiva Fellow Kieran Ball follows up his video on the evolution of a Kiva loan with a few more insights into how the loan profile gets to Kiva lenders in the first place. Lorne Warwick, a volunteer Kiva Editor, joins him in telling the story.

Like the windshield on a motor-taxi in Phnom Penh rush hour, transparency is vital to Kiva’s survival....

About the author

Naomi Baer

Naomi leads Kiva's Global Partner Operations, overseeing the groups that provide training and operational support to Kiva's Field Partners, including both field personnel and core volunteer programs. These include Kiva's Field Support Specialist team, providing day-to-day operational support to Field Partners in their work with Kiva, the Kiva Fellows Program, placing volunteers in the field to support partners locally, and the Review and Translation Program, providing language support and content feedback. Naomi joined Kiva in 2006, bringing her background as a professional translator to create Kiva's Review and Translation Program from the ground up. Previously, she worked as an Associate Producer at The Learning Company developing interactive media. Naomi is certified by the American Translators Association in Portuguese to English translation and holds a B.A. in American Civilization from Brown University.