7 travel blogs we love (and you should follow!)

At Kiva, we love to travel and connect with people around the world. Lending on Kiva is of course one of the ways we maintain that connection, and so is living vicariously through travel writers.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite blogs that each offer a unique perspective on travel. We especially enjoy their commitment to leaving a positive, impactful mark on their ever-expanding world. Check them out below:

Nomadness Tribe

The Nomadness Travel Tribe is an online community of over 15,000 travelers. Members collectively contribute to the stories displayed on the blog and are united by a similar urban background and love of travel. The group founded #NMDN, which is an alternative travel conference, and its founder, Evita Robinson, developed a diversity and travel workshop for underserved students that highlights the relationship between travel and tolerance. 

Read the blog here

Teaching Traveling

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Lillie is a teacher determined to bring elements of travel into the classroom. One of the highlights of her site is the many interviews she does with teacher-travelers on their experiences with global education. From a woman who teaches clowning in Afghanistan to a scuba diving instructor in the Caribbean, the site examines a wide variety of ways one can receive a global education.

Read the blog here


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One of Kiva’s very own former fellows, Gareth says he “counts relationships formed over countries visited.” His blog focuses on documenting his travels with the aim of deeply understanding a place and its culture. Outlining 6 different trips he calls “missions,” this traveler shares stories and videos of how he went from tourist to townie in each location over the span of a few years. 

Read the blog here.

Open Air Pursuit

History fan by day and roller derby athlete by night, Victoria is a traveller with many interests who recently moved to Amsterdam to attend graduate school. Her blog focuses on non-traditional museums and how physical spaces bring a story to life. She also helps curate Travel Latina - a  website that encourages the Latinx community to travel and combat negative stereotypes.

Read the blog here.

Drink Tea & Travel

Travelers Oksana and Max are pursuing a sustainable, nomadic lifestyle. Their blog provides advice on everything you need to know about sustainable travel including how to choose a sustainable tour operator, what an eco-friendly hotel is and sustainable accessories to take on your next big trip. 

Read the blog here.

The Minority Nomad

Erick is on a quest to become the first African American to travel to every country in the world. Minority Nomad is where you can find his blog and vlog posts covering travel topics such as being a digital nomad, self-awareness in travel and interviews with special guests. 

Read the blog here.

Surf and Sunshine

Surf and Sunshine has a whole “Social Good” section, featuring consumer products that create jobs, organizations that have social impact and more. You can also find articles on topics such as family travel, technology, do-it-yourself crafts or health and fitness. 

Read the blog here.


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