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Read about traditions in each continent, then surprise a borrower by funding their Kiva loan!

Together, let's support our Asian community and work toward a more racially just world.

Find out what our Field Partner ASKI is doing to help!

Celebrate Black History Month with us by hearing the stories of Black entrepreneurs across America and their experiences with Kiva’s small business loans.

This month, we want to shine the spotlight on three individual volunteers: Alix, Darlene, and Marila.

How we're moving ahead in 2021 for our Kiva U.S. community.

On February 8, we’re matching all loans to U.S. business owners on Kiva. Support Black-owned businesses and celebrate Black History Month with us.

"We went into 2020 with a great plan—the chessboard was laid out, and we knew our next 30 moves. Then COVID-19 hit, and every piece on the chessboard moved."

Discover your impact, and hear from Kiva team members, in our thank you video!

Working at Kiva during this time has given me a sense of hope. I was proud of how Kiva was able to provide relief to entrepreneurs and small businesses impacted by COVID-19, and to further support and highlight black-owned businesses in our own Kiva community.

The holidays are here, and we know you want to shop small to support entrepreneurs this year. Check out this list of Kiva U.S. borrowers with shops you can buy from today!

In partnership with the government of Sierra Leone, Kiva is on the ground building the country's first blockchain-based national identity and credit system.