Kiva blog posts

Suzana's family is a priority for her, she doesn't let her heart condition stop her from providing them with the basic needs.

Many years ago, Levan’s grandparents started their own hostel business in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Last week alone, the Kiva community came together to fund over $4 million in loans to women around the globe!

The Kiva village is diverse and powerful - lenders, volunteers, Field Partners, employees and corporate partners all came together to make this impact happen. 

In March 2005, made its first loan to a woman in Uganda named Elizabeth, who used the $500 loan to expand her fishmongering business off the coast of Lake Victoria. 

The opportunity for change and personal impact is here. Don't believe us? Read this article.

From beautiful designs made out of wood to artistic map recreations, Kiva-funded artists do it all.

David started a business of his own and he wouldn't be able to start it without the Kiva loan.

"Rocky pays the rent" and more wisdom Lani Jo learned by running a small business!

With Kiva, Abadias was able to get a $1,000 loan. It helped him buy beautiful rose-colored wood at a wholesale price, thus saving on production costs.

El Patio Café started as Allan's dream and became a hub for community growth.

We often talk about the need for global financial inclusion - but we rarely talk about the opportunity it presents.