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Starting a small business proves to be a challenging, yet extremely rewarding experience. We want to celebrate just some of the risk-takers amongst our borrowers across the states!



As a fearless leader and caretaker, Elpidia Esther started a small business out of her home in order to fulfill the needs of her family and new neighborhood. Through her Kiva loan, she was able to expand her business with more merchandise. Her store soon began to flourish as her business boomed.

For Martha Magali, a mother from Peru, being able to buy a cow could mean the difference between her and a better life.



Kiva U.S. wouldn’t be an accessible financing tool if it weren’t for partners like The Build Institute.

"Holidays have always been filled with platters of crawfish, pots of gumbo and steaming bowls of borscht placed side-by-side on the kitchen table."

Amidst Kiva’s Investments Week, we had the opportunity to chat with Rachel Lewis, a Senior Investment Manager for Kiva.

All you need to know about new changes to Kiva U.S. loans for small businesses.

A message to small business owners in the U.S.

In the past week, this community has lent over $4 million to almost 40,000 women in 57 countries!

This past Wednesday, March 4th, we had the pleasure of hosting an event in Oakland, Ca. in honor of International Women’s Day and the announcement of the new Kiva Oakland Hub in partnership with Centro Community Partners.

At Kiva, we don't need a special holiday to uplift women—that's our business as usual. But we are celebrating by MATCHING loans to women on March 8 and March 9!

Joyeuse is a Jibu water franchise owner in Rwanda, and her Kiva loan completely changed her business, her community and her life!