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Ayer, la actriz y activista Sofía Vergara anunció su alianza con Kiva y estará contribuyendo al fondo de Respuesta Global del COVID-19. Veanlo!

Yesterday, actress and activist Sofia Vergara announced her partnership with Kiva, and her contribution to the Global COVID-19 Response fund. 

Kiva media fellow Jeremy Jue captured Wilson's amazing story about working with our Field Partner Apollo Agriculture in Kenya. Check it out!

Our Field Partners are extremely important to us and to the microfinance infrastructure. To support them during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re launching a new product called Crisis Support Loans.

Meet Elina Pandey, Kiva's Tech Operations intern! She's originally from Nepal, now working in Kiva HQ in the tech department.

With International Volunteer Week coming to a close, we not only commend our volunteers this week but also every day. We want to wrap up our celebrations by spotlighting some more of our volunteers. Learn about who they are and what they do here at Kiva!

With the start of International Volunteer Week, we want to continue showing gratitude for our wonderful volunteers. Get to know some of Kiva’s volunteers through their experiences, stories and careers!

Kiva borrowers located in the United States go through a "private" fundraising period before their loan is published on the website for lenders to contribute. In this period, they'll reach out to their community of customers, friends and family to contribute to their loan as a form of "social underwriting."

This infographic from Review and Translation Program intern Anna Gravois will explain it all!

At any given moment, Kiva’s website hosts thousands of borrower profiles and loan requests from all corners of the globe.