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A devoted father and farmer, Michael dreams of a bright future for his children

Meet Michael Kamundi, a devoted farmer and borrower from the Nkubu area of Kenya. He dreams of providing his children with the tools to build a brighter future.

As a dedicated husband and father, Michael goes to great lengths to provide for his family. He always tries to ensure that they are well-fed and that his children earn a quality education. To do this, Michael has committed the past six years to growing and selling banana and coffee crops. On top of that, he also owns two dairy cows, Lucy and Kairu.

Along with being well-nourished, Michael believes that having an education holds the key to success for his five children. Two of which are school-aged, while the older three have completed higher education and have since entered the workforce. With his youngest son at a crucial stage of his high school education, and with exams just a few months away, Michael feared he would be unable to pay his son’s school fees.

Eager to find a way to afford the fees and keep his son in school, Michael contacted Kiva’s Field Partner Juhudi Kilimo, a leading Kenyan microfinance institution that aims to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and micro-entrepreneurs. Thanks to a loan facilitated by Juhudi Kilimo and Kiva, as well as the income from selling his banana and coffee crops, Michael was able to pay his son’s school fees on time and in full, keeping his son in school and making his dream a reality.

Michael is grateful to Juhudi Kilimo and Kiva, including the twelve individual lenders and four lending teams who backed his loan. They have all helped him nurture his children toward leading independent and self-sufficient lives.


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Lauren Smits