A Kiva Zip Borrower Honors Her Lenders with Product Names

Working with a borrower like Athene inspires me because she represents true ambition and commitment; both traits that are essential in becoming successful as an entrepreneur. 

Athene is the owner of Sweet Pea Prop Shop, an online store that sells newborn clothing to professional photographers as props. She created her business in an effort to re-integrate into a slowly recovering economy and to convert her dreams of entrepreneurship and creative self-expression into a reality. Her challenge to date has been keeping up with demand, which is why she needs a loan: she needs to hire more help, buy a sewing machine that can accommodate for increased production volume, and to invest in technology upgrades. 

What inspires me most about Athene is the gratitude she shows for the lenders that have supported her up to this point in the funding of her loan. Recently, she expressed these feelings in the "Conversations" tab of her loan profile: 

Athene shares her experience working with Kiva Zip and her lenders.

She even named some of her designs after current Kiva Zip lenders: 

It is no question to me why Athene has been successful in growing her business to date; the quality of her products and the care that goes into everything she does is worth paying for. 

Athene's loan is still funding! You can lend to her by clicking here. It is entrepreneurs like Athene that inspire me to do what I love, to do it well, and to count my blessings along the way. Thank you Athene! 

About the author

Sydnie Nicoll

Sydnie Nicoll studied commerce in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia. It is there that she became highly interested in entrepreneurship and small business management. Her career took her to work for both smaller and larger organizations in Calgary and Toronto where she had the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and experience many facets of the organizations she worked for. Equally as passionate about business, Sydnie takes great interest in social impact initiatives and building community; Sydnie has worked with Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Cross Cultural Solutions, and also directed a project that enabled Tanzanian wood carvers to sell their products in Canada. Through these experiences, Sydnie realized the opportunity to combine both her passions for business and humanity to empower people to live fulfilled and sustainable lives. Sydnie currently lives in Vancouver with her boyfriend, Jonas. She loves to be active - trekking is her activity of choice; most recent treks include: Machu Picchu, the West Coast Trail, Everest Base Camp, and the Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan.