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A Kivawalk Update from Jonathon Stalls & his dog

It's been 7 months since Jonathon Stalls completed his incredible cross-country Kivawalk. His 3,030 mile journey inspired countless supporters across the country and reminded us to enjoy every step that life allows us. Although his Kivawalk adventure has come to an end, Jonathon continues to support Kiva and other causes in his Colorado community. In a special update below, we find out more about what Jonathon has been doing since the completion of his walk in November 2010.
Kivawalk - 7 Months Later
A journal entry:

Post Walk (April 2, 2011) – “I’m working hard to hold onto the ‘magic’ of on-foot travel. To be honest, I truly miss it. Some days I dream about running downstairs, throwing on the pack, leashing up Kanoa (my mixed-breed dog) and just going ...somewhere. Knowing that last year’s daily tasks were to get 15 miles further down the road, eat enough almonds, drink enough water and share the good news about a mission we believe in. This trip was life-changing and held such high ground mentally, emotionally, spiritually and of course physically… there is something so good about traveling this way. I carry a deep challenge in believing that we are truly built to process and better understand ourselves and our surroundings on-foot. I still work hard to maintain 2-4 mile walks throughout the week with an occasional 8-10 mile day around the city of Denver. I’m always so thankful in blocking out the time for it, as it helps me unwind and refresh for the week ahead. I also must add that Kanoa works very hard (via chewing and digging) to tell me with great frustration “this walking around the block stuff isn’t going to cut it pal!!”

This transition has also carried great color since finishing our 9 month walk across the USA. I have been able to visit my incredible sister, Tracy Stalls, who is playing professional volleyball in Ankara, Turkey and several friends and family in Kansas, Georgia and Costa Rica. I have also soaked up the familiar streets and mountain air here in Colorado. I continue to write and reflect on our experience and am getting numerous opportunities to share its contents to students, educators and various dreamers. My ‘professional’ track is continuing to evolve. My heart craves to hold onto a pace and lifestyle of simplicity while continuing to share and prioritize quality time with the people I share it with.

In the spirit of moving forward and putting food on the table my current activities and goals are wrapped up in: building a business plan for a community space committed to social interaction, designing program for various local/global walking initiatives and supporting a local (Denver, CO) community organizing group (Metro Organizations for People) in communications & operations.

Thanks to EVERYONE for all your continued support. Also, our KivaWalk lending team (link below) is still blossoming. I would love to support and post any unique stories or pictures of anyone wanting to throw a sign on a backpack and continue on-foot awareness for Kiva (in your neighborhood, town or city). We have a strong following on Facebook & Twitter and are anxious to fuel the momentum!

Get in touch and/or follow our journey at the links below:

Contact me personally at:
Lending Team:
Walk across USA:

A quick favor?? Would you join me as I strive to hold onto the following challenge: KEEP WALKING!!! …with myself, with my pup, with friends, with strangers and with the air and smells that surround my home or office. Our communities need it. I’m bold enough to say that many of us need it too. I know I do.

Cheers for now,
Jonathon & Kanoa

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