A Year in Microfinance, Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Evie, and I’m a Kiva Fellow.  (Say it with me now: “Hi, Evie!”)  

From October 1, 2008 through October 1, 2009 I will be in the field as a Kiva Fellow.  I sit now in the Kiva office in San Francisco, training with my colleagues who will be scattered around the globe for the coming months.  In two weeks I’ll leave Seattle for three months in Kiev with HOPE Ukraine.  From there I’ll head east into Central Asia for the next three months, and then on to Cambodia for six months, before landing back in the USA next year.

As the year unfolds, I look forward to seeing your comments and getting to follow the adventures of the 30 Fellows heading into the field.   It’s going to be a wild ride for all of us.


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