Artists’ Haven Attracts Hidden Talent in Troubled SF Neighborhood

The Tenderloin is a San Francisco neighborhood that sits at the heart of an emotional struggle for the city. Within a few minutes walk you can spot new multi-million dollar offices of tech giants. At the same time, you can see heartbreaking evidence of the city’s battle with homelessness, drug use and mental illness.

But those who live and work in the Tenderloin know that it’s also a neighborhood filled with creativity, from vibrant street art to up-and-coming galleries. Read more at Kiva's Medium page>

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Kimberly Izar

Hailing from New York, Kim is incredibly excited to experience life on the west coast. She is a fourth year marketing student at Northeastern University in Boston and became enthusiastic about Kiva’s mission through one of her classes. During her time at Northeastern, Kim has been fortunate enough to study in Australia, work on projects focused on disability, and discover a passion for social entrepreneurship. She is always up for a new adventure— whether it’s a new city, cuisine, or project— to take on. She is a self proclaimed foodie, hip hop enthusiast, and future world traveller ready to use her skills to make a positive social impact.