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Better housing means a better quality of life in El Salvador

Many people dream of owning their own house. Home is where you build your memories. Shelter is a basic human need.

Isbelia lives with her husband and her 1-year-old child in a rural area near San Vincente, El Salvador. As a mobile nurse, she travels to the surrounding communities to provide medicine, conduct check-ups and give injections. She also sells clothes from her home to contribute to the household income.
Isbelia’s family home was built on dirt, without tile floors, and her roof was in disrepair. But she got a Kiva loan to fix the roof and add flooring.

Isbelia bought metal sheets and frames to replace the aging and damaged roof tiles. The new metal roof extends out to create a patio where her son can now safely play. 

The Kiva loan and the new roof have improved her family’s overall quality of life. Isbelia is very grateful and wants to thank everybody who helped fund her loan.

Isbelia also plans on eventually installing a concrete floor in her house. She hopes to one day get a more stable, higher-paying job in a hospital.

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About the author

Hassan Hijazi

Hassan is an Atlas Corps fellow from Jordan serving at Kiva as Impact and Storytelling fellow. He earned his bachelor's degree in Journalism and Media at University of Petra in Jordan. He worked for different non-profit organizations in Jordan for more than 7 years, 5 of which being in emergency response. His experience is in media, communications and advocacy.