Can You Smell What Kiva Zip Entrepreneurs Are Cooking?

Jorge, City Saucery | Photo: Parris Whittingham |

Kiva Zip entrepreneurs in New York are a group of over 150 creative people with small businesses such as family farms, bakeries, media, and apparel. The Kiva Zip team is constantly inspired by the passion they put into their work but it's a really difficult feeling to convey to Kiva lenders, partners, and community.

Our solution to this problem was to bring our entrepreneurs directly to the community! Over one hundred enthusiastic Kiva Zip supporters gathered at our New York City co-working space to meet a dozen of our food producting entrepreneurs, including Jorge pictured above, and left with a belly full of their food and beverages.

Here are just a few more Kiva Zip food producers who sampled their products:

Cyrilla, Nuts+Nuts | Photo: Parris Whittingham |

Chris, Astoria Distilling Company | Photo: Parris Whittingham |

Norman, Call-Chef Services | Photo: Parris Whittingham |

Drew, XXX Coffee | Photo: Parris Whittingham |

Are you hungry yet?! Check out the full photo album here and our entrepreneurs below. 
We love food but our entrepreneurs also do so much more! Check some other businesses that need your support at

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Tony Chow

Tony was raised in the NY metropolitan area and is a graduate of Rutgers University. He began his IT career in Atlanta where he also completed his MBA at Georgia Tech. An avid traveler, he is passionate about experiencing a wide variety of cultures and has a keen eye for exploration and adventure. Lending on Kiva was a tremendously powerful way to stay connected to the countries he visited. Serving as a Kiva Fellow is a natural extension of his commitment to make a positive impact around the world.