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Bali is on many people's travel bucket lists… and for a good reason! Bali’s rich Hindu culture is unique in majority-Muslim Indonesia and the island’s breathtaking landscape does not disappoint.

This year, go on an international adventure without breaking the bank!

It's easy to have a positive impact on any community you visit.

Social impact travel is a growing trend in the travel industry that aims to support local economies and make a positive impact in host communities.

Countries all over the world celebrate love in different ways, from singles appreciation lunches to big family feasts.

We love learning about new and different customs and traditions. Here is a list of 5 uncommon traditions from around the world you may have never heard of.  

This is the second post in a geography quiz series to expand your knowledge of the countries where Kiva works.

At Kiva, we love to travel and we love to trade travel advice! I grew up in the former Yugoslavia and, as a child, spent my summers on the Croatian coast visiting my grandmother.

We all want to come back from our trips with amazing photos that capture the spirit and scale of the places we visit. Follow these tips to get better results.

We asked family, friends and of course, our seasoned Kiva travelers for their best tips for enjoying mythical Middle Earth.

Check out these recommendations to make the most of your trip to Guatemala!

Warning: Reading this may result in wanderlust, impulsivity, restlessness, booking a flight to Thailand and/or hunger pains.