Fellows in the field

Estefania’s mother, Genoveva proves how a helping hand can go a long way for someone who has the drive to succeed.

Kiva's Field Partner is helping local farmers adapt to the changing agricultural market in Ghana.

Munavvara, now internationally recognized for her self-taught talents, wants to establish a 1-year program for 30 girls from extremely poor rural areas in Tajikistan.

Abigail's story involves broken homes, dreams of helping kids, perseverance, faith and unparalleled determination.

Kiva's Field Partner Credo gives an inside look into Georgian culture.

By working together with men and women, we can re-define the current concepts of masculinity and take a closer look at cultural norms and power relations that perpetuate violence against women.

A Kiva Fellow uses her day off to explore a social enterprise making a real impact in Tanzania. 

In a region where instability and uncertainty are a hindrance to typical profit-driven investment, Kiva's social-impact focus provides capital for those in need. 

There are millions of good people all over the world who genuinely care about others and want to make the world a better place - and Kiva puts that care into action.

Hydrologic has a simple mission: it builds, distributes and sells water filters to rural customers in Cambodia.

Most of Timor still lack access to basic financial services and KIF fills a vital role in closing that margin. With 22 total branches, KIF has a footprint in every district, one of the few local organizations that cover the breadth of the country.

Everyone who becomes a borrower through iDE Ghana’s Sama Sama Toilet program wants to buy a toilet structure - the very first toilet to ever grace their home. Amazingly, 100% of these borrowers have gotten funded by Kiva lenders, a fantastic statistic!