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Gift with Kiva this holiday season!

This year, make an impact with your giving. We’ve got your entire gift list covered!

First up: Kiva Cards. With a Kiva Card, recipients can choose a Kiva borrower to support, then re-lend the same funds again after getting repaid. They’re a perfect way to introduce family and friends to Kiva!

Then, explore the Kiva Store, where you can buy goods from borrowers around the world.

Last (but definitely not least), you can always pay it forward by lending. Whether it’s your first Kiva loan or a long-standing tradition, lending is extra special around the holidays.


1. Give a Kiva Card

When you give a Kiva Card, you give someone the chance to change a life.

It’s really simple: you choose the amount on the card, and your recipient gets to choose who to support. One card holds endless opportunities.

It’s like a gift card, but way more meaningful. And when the loan is repaid, they can re-lend those same funds again and again.

Just one $25 Kiva Card can turn into $100 of impact when the funds are re-lent to 4 borrowers over time. And it only keeps growing from there. It’s the gift that keeps...impacting!

Forgot someone on your list? We've been there; your secret is safe with us. Kiva Cards can be given electronically—so you can still surprise them at the last minute without sacrificing any sincerity.


2. Shop the Kiva Store

The Kiva Store is a way to support borrowers beyond lending. The store is an online marketplace that allows anyone to purchase artisanal goods directly from Kiva borrowers.

There are so many global artisans and retailers putting their funding and materials toward beautiful, handmade work. And these entrepreneurs are seriously talented!

There’s something for everyone in the Kiva Store. Find clothes, accessories, home decor, jewelry, and a whole lot more!

P.S. take advantage of free shipping now before the holidays start!

3. Pay it forward with lending

When you help fund the dreams of someone you’ve likely never met, who could be living oceans away from you, you’re making a global impact through an intimate connection.

That’s the magic of Kiva—your support touches both individual livelihoods and greater social change at the same time.

Pay it forward by lending. It feels good to do good.

About the author

Ciara Middleton

Ciara is a content creator who joined Kiva in December 2020. At Kiva, Ciara supports creative strategy with both visual and written content creation. She graduated with a B.A. in International Business and Marketing from Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. As a first-generation American with parents from Ireland, Ciara has been surrounded by travel for her whole life and is deeply passionate about cross-cultural equity. She has two brothers, three dogs and loves to read, write, and photograph her way through her professional and personal lives.