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Happy New Year to You!

As we reflect on the year that has past, we celebrate our achievements both small and large. In 2010, we introduced student loans to our site, had our 5th birthday, welcomed Jonathon Stalls and his KivaWalk to San Francisco, got an Oprah shout-out, received grants from the Omidyar Network, Sams Club, and Visa, and briefly had 100% of our loans fully-funded! We also added field partners in South Africa, Colombia, Israel, Jordan, Nicaragua, Iraq, Rwanda, El Salvador, Honduras, the Congo, the DRC, and the US.

These and the many other events we have to happily remember are all part of Kiva's continued growth and quest to empower others. The milestones we reach are made possible only by the efforts we contribute together. We would like to send a big thank you to all of our lenders, volunteers, staff and supporters make this empowerment possible!

In 2011, we look forward to new and exciting growth! For the new year we hope you will continue to remember others in your daily life and through the funding of microloans.

Happy New Year from Kiva!

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