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Kiva blog posts

Learn about the amazing review and translation program volunteers who were named volunteer of the month. 

We’re proud to celebrate the work that Kiva US did in 2022 toward furthering Kiva's mission.

Today, Kiva executed our largest writeoff to date for our lending partner Al Majmoua in Lebanon, a country that has been facing an unprecedented economic and political crisis since 2019.

Women around the world continue to face systemic financial challenges. Here's what Kiva and our Lending Partners are doing to address them.

Despite facing gendered obstacles throughout their business ownership journeys,women continue to see business success and are more likely to repay their loans.

An exploration of the most up-to-date report of which countries score highest on gender equality and where gender equality is lowest.

It is our distinct honor to announce with excitement the appointment of Kiva’s new CEO, Vishal Ghotge. Learn more about Vishal here.

Kiva US partnered with 60dB to conduct the program’s first-ever idependent impact evaluation. See what we found out about how US borrowers are impacted by their Kiva loans.

Thanks to a long series of microloans, Deysi has been able to sustain her harvests on her land, take care of her children, and find steadiness.

Catherine is an artisan from Ghana who specializes in handcrafted African beaded jewelry. With a $300 loan from Kiva, Catherine was able to grow her business and help others, too.

Colleen made her first loan in 2015 to a woman in Mozambique setting up a clothing resale shop. Since then, she’s made over 130 loans on Kiva, focusing on the African continent.

Decades ago, Rosa took out her first loan. In the years that followed, she has grown her rice fields, invested in her house, and led her loan group to find success.