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Kiva's volunteer translators and editors: a year of impact

Looking back on this past year, Kiva has made huge strides in expanding financial access to underserved communities. This work would not be possible without the dedicated effort of our volunteers in our Review and Translation Program (RTP). Each month, volunteers review, edit and translate tens of thousands of loan profiles before they go live on Kiva’s site. Each volunteer plays a crucial role in ensuring a diverse and substantial amount of loans are funneled to the site. They are the critical step in borrower’s stories being shared with the Kiva community. Here is a look back at the past year in RTP. We could not be more proud of the great work our volunteer editors, translators and Team Leaders do for Kiva!

About the author

Sarah Klem

Sarah Klem is the current contractor and former intern for the Review and Translation Team based out of San Francisco. She started at Kiva in January 2019 after graduating from the University of Michigan with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Global History. She enjoys learning any form of dance she can, listening to Terry Gross on NPR, and trying new cheeses. Sarah hopes to make an impact in global inequity and wishes to serve the communities she works in with culturally-sensitive and evidence-based methods.