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Life in the Field: Meals We Wish We Could Join

Vardah Malik, KF25 in Vietnam

After visiting the Ho Chi Minh Museum and Mausoleum in Hanoi, a colleague and I grabbed some street food. That's vermicelli noodles, tofu and spring rolls you're seeing. Delish.

Trista Li, KF25 in Chicago, USA

Pumpkins are in! Halloween is coming! Chicago is a town that is much charming!
I have to say that I had a great first week. The food scene in Chicago is absolutely amazing. However, I spent most lunchtime chasing food trucks, farmer's markets, and art fairs. It was great to meet previous fellow Nick at Andersonville #CityMadeFest and talked with David from @ChicagoBACP at #FoodtruckFest.

Bas Bouwman, KF25 in El Salvador

We went with new colleagues to the best pupusa place in town, which is also a client of the microfinance institution. The meal you see is called ' la pupusa loca'. A type of mais bread with beans, cheese, meat and cheese in it, served with a spicy sauce and cabbage on the side! Me vuelvo loco, tan rico!

Niaz Patwary, KF25 in India

As a Kiva Fellow in India, on my first day at our local partner Micrograam – two colleagues Mr. Krishnamurthy and Mr. Pathan took me out to lunch to a neighborhood “gadi” (gadi literally means a car, but its actually a food-cart) in Jayanagar, Bangalore which is situated in the south-western state of Karnataka. The small one-owner place serves freshly made, local “veg” items ; no “non-veg” items sold on this particular place. I opted for chapatis (unleavened flat bread/tortillas) with thick vegetable curry, known locally as “curry”, two bondas (deep-fried mashed chickpeas) and chutney (condiment) made with peanuts, coconut, ginger and flavorful spices. My hosts took rice instead of bread, with thin curry known as sambar (lentil based vegetable stew) with the same two other items that I had. It was an affordable, simple and delicious lunch – totally reflects the lean model of Micrograam! Oh, I had a delicious liquid on-the-go pack yugurt to digest them all in. Nom nom nom, I am ready for dinner.
Patrick Hayes, KF24 in Cambodia

On the road in Cambodia, every meal is its own adventure. Snacking on crickets with the radio turned up. Now that's road-trippin'!


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Aurora hails from New England and has a background in communications, systems management and economic development. She first realized her passion for nonprofits leveraging social media while working in web communications at MSF. She is incredibly excited to join the content team at Kiva and explore the juncture of technology and international development more thoroughly. She spent nearly a year working in Tanzania with students and was lucky enough to witness the spirit of small-scale entrepreneurship and how it impacts communities firsthand. She holds a BA from Princeton University where she concentrated in politics and was a member of the varsity swimming and diving team. Aurora is a long-suffering, occasionally jubilant, Arsenal fan and copes with being dog-less by volunteering at the SF SPCA.