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Rounding up 2020: A letter from Kiva CEO Neville Crawley

We went into 2020 with a great plan—the chessboard was laid out, and we knew our next 30 moves. Then COVID-19 hit, and every piece on the chessboard moved. With your unwavering support, we were able to pivot our plans to make a difference in this new reality.

  • We quickly ramped up our U.S. lending program – extending credit limits, offering grace periods, and increasing the maximum loan amount. Kiva loans to U.S. small businesses grew by 80% in 2020. 
  • Then we launched our COVID-19 Response Fund to support borrowers worldwide. More than 480,010 lenders lent $115,701,500 to 265,660 borrowers. When our Field Partners also needed support to survive the pandemic, we provided $7.7M in crisis support loans.
  • We’ve been scaling Kiva’s platform for institutional investors with Kiva Capital Management — this year it secured over $25 million to support communities overseas that have been impacted by COVID-19. It has also been working on securing funding for investments in support of refugees and women. This work also played a role in launching the California Rebuilding Fund, a public-private sector partnership to provide small businesses in California access to responsible, affordable loans as they navigate the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Our innovation with Kiva Protocol continued in Sierra Leone, where we’re providing digital identification infrastructure to make financial inclusion more attainable. We were awarded the World Bank’s 2020 Mission Billion Competition Global Prize for this project.

Despite this challenging time, Kivans have been inspired and motivated. It has been a joy to witness Kiva’s new initiatives come to life this year. 
Cheers to another year of changing lives together.  
Neville Crawley
CEO of Kiva

You can donate now to support the Kiva team as we navigate these challenges together and provide more support for borrowers around the world.

About the author

Casey Miller

Casey Miller is Kiva's content strategist in the Portland offices. She began her journey with Kiva as a New Media and Branding intern, then contracted as the content and media coordinator, now working full-time as a content strategist. Casey graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Journalism, and still uses this journalistic background in her storytelling at Kiva. With a passion for travel and cultural exchange, Casey seeks to spread the stories of our cultures and communities for those whose voices are often ignored.