Rwanda: Olive thinks we should all have an omelette for breakfast!

Olive is only 24 years old but has already seen her business grow from strength to strength. What is the secret to her success? Eggs!

Olive showing off her stock

Three years ago, only 21 at the time, Olive started selling rice and vegetables at the market. Two years later she had managed to save up enough profits and take out a Kiva loan to set up her own wholesale business selling eggs.

Eggs are a staple food in Rwanda – high in nutrition, easy to cook and quick to eat – a clear winner in the eyes of the locals. Olive had hit the jackpot!

As I walked into her shop, I was taken aback – people rushing in and out with crates of eggs whilst thousands of eggs were still waiting to be sorted and sold to local businesses. And there was Olive, in the middle of all of this commotion, calmly overseeing the smooth running of her egg empire!

Egg towers

When I asked her about her plans for the future, she was as ambitious as ever: “I want to buy a car to ship the eggs and I want to build a house for my family.”

It was such an honour meeting Olive, she is a true testament to age not being a factor when it comes to dreaming big and achieving your goals! 

About the author

Sandra Ool

Sandra is originally from a small island in Estonia but has made a home for herself in London. She received a BSc in Management and Strategy from Aston University and joined Ernst & Young as a management consultant after graduation. In her five and a half years at EY she has worked with numerous banks and insurance companies, large and small. She believes financial inclusion and access to financial services is key to fostering young entrepreneurs and building thriving communities. As part of her role at EY, Sandra had the privilege to work with a small entrepreneur in South Africa to help them growth their business in the summer of 2015. This terrific experience made it clear to her that she wants her success to have significance. Following this ethos, Sandra is excited to join the Kiva Fellows 29th Class to work with Urwego Opportunity Bank and Kepler Education in Kigali, Rwanda.