Thanks, Dad!

There are many qualities of life that are universal, and one of those is the love of a father. Many Kiva borrowers take their loans not to earn money that directly benefits them, but that will directly benefit their children. They are infinitely proud of their little ones and take the greatest pleasure in seeing them suceed. Profits (and some loans) often are spent on more nutritious food or to pay school fees for their children. Providing the stepping stones for success built on a foundation of love is one of their greatest accomplisments.

We hope you enjoy these photos from the field of Kiva borrowers and their children. If you want to help make their fondest wishes come true, empower them to earn money to provide for their children by making a loan today. 

Simeon, a tailor in a small town in Kenya, with his youngest son smiling together proudly outside the school his son attends. Simeon pays his for all of his children's school fees with the profits from his tailoring business which he has expanded with Kiva loans. Jada, Kenya

A father's love shines through in this photo! Meet Batjargal, pictured here with his young son. A single father living in Ulaanbaatar, Batjargal used his Kiva loan to purchase parts and equipment for his cell phone repair business. He hopes to grow his business as a way to support his family. Jane Imai, Mongolia

Vincent's Kiva Zip loans (3rd time borrower) have allowed allowed him to expand his alternative health solutions business and support his family. Vincent has recently become a Borrower-Trustee helping to expand Kiva Zip to others in his community. Duda, Kenya

Aurelio is a taxi driving father of three in Paraguay. He used his loan to buy a less old car to replace his increasingly unreliable current taxi. As you can see, the purchase was quite recent and he had not yet converted the car to a taxi. Rob, Paraguay

A proud Kiva Zip borrower and his daughter in Thika, Kenya. Shaherose, Kenya

Nicholas and youngest daughter grinning the same smile in front of his motorcycle funded with a Kiva loan. Nicholas uses his motorbike to transport charcoal he makes and sells and to transport people, a valuable and complementary income diversification. Jada, Kenya

About the author

Jada Tullos Anderson

Jada firmly believes the best way to help others is to allow them to help themselves. Growing up in the Texas Pineywoods with a family of hobby farmers and raising animals for 4-H gave Jada a love for agriculture and the environment. After graduating from Texas A&M, she worked for John Deere and then volunteered and worked with the Red Cross where she was privileged to help those affected by events like the 2001 terrorist attacks. Wanting to learn even more about the natural world, she worked as an environmental scientist and earned a Master of Environmental Management degree from Duke, focusing on energy. She’s excited to work with a well-established group like KADET in Nairobi where she hopes to apply her analytical mind to finding efficiencies in their processes and explore local farming and off-grid energy. Jada is grateful to her husband, family and friends for their unending encouragement and enthusiasm.