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On my previous blog post, 77 is never too old to start a business, Jan commented that she would like to see the result of our TLM Kiva T-shirt Bonanza which took place last week (she heard about it by following TLM on Twitter, to do the same go here).

Fortunately, this also gave me the perfect excuse to express my thanks to Jan and John for their unwavering support of Kiva and the Fellows programme. For those of you who don’t know of them, Jan and John are professional grandparents from Calgary, Alberta, in Canada. In between their time grandparenting, lending on Kiva, chatting on Kiva and driving the school bus (John), they find time to read and comment on almost every blog written by the Kiva Fellows. Their comments are consistently supportive, positive, and uplifting, and I’m sure have provided much-welcomed comfort for many blogging Fellows.

Jan and John

Jan & John (photo from their Kiva lender page)

Thank you Jan and John! I know I’ve really appreciated your kind comments. This thanks is also directed at the many other regular readers and commenters, and Kiva Friends who keep the blog going. Unilove that means you! J&J, I hope you don’t mind me writing about you and posting your picture, Kiva have trained me so well I feel like I should be getting releases signed everywhere I go.

This is sadly my last day as a Kiva Fellow and my last day with TLM. They’ve just showered me with gifts and taken me out for a slap-up lunch. I’ve sold my helmet and various other bits and bobs I accumulated along the way. Everyone has been incredibly friendly and welcoming here, they really really have. Don’t forget to check out the new TLM website – their first proper one in 12 years of operation, I know it’s basic but it’s the first proper website I’ve made too! And watch out for more TLM loans and video journals coming soon, plus a very special video project which will hopefully be happening in June (unfortunately I won’t be here).

And without further ado, I present the TLM-Kiva Calendar… coming soon to a store near you… maybe

January: TLM

January: TLM actually stands for Tanned Lending Machines. (l-to-r: Lambert, Ellen, Ida, Lenny, Shanty, and Herto)


April: The look this spring - Ice white Kiva t-shirts with customized limited edition TLM decoration

June: The Kiva Team (left to right: Kieran, Vience, Shanty, and Roni)

June: The Kiva Team (left to right: Kieran, Vience, Shanty, and Roni)

Never turn your back on a client

November: We never turn our back on a client (except to show them our Kiva t-shirts)

December: The TLM Staff in their Kiva t-shirts

December: The TLM Staff in their Kiva t-shirts

Thanks to Darren at Kiva for providing the funds for t-shirts. They will be worn many times I promise (looking around the office as I write this I can see a few in full effect).


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