Top loan updates: New loans for growing businesses in Iraq, El Salvador and Uganda

Every week we receive dozens of loan updates from our partners about what Kiva borrowers are doing with their loans, how they are succeeding, and when they repay. We're excited to announce that we will be posting a weekly roundup of some of the most inspiring loan updates, starting today.

Denis lives in El Salvador with his wife and 7-year-old daughter. He's worked as a farmer for over 15 years, after learning the trade from his father.

He took out his first Kiva loan in September 2011 and used that $450 to buy herbicides and fertilizer to ensure a bountiful harvest. His initial goal was to improve his family's nutrition by increasing his income. Not only did Denis pay back this loan, he's currently requesting his third Kiva loan -- this time for $700 to pay the lease on his land and buy manure for his crops. Since his first loan on Kiva, he has been able to financially support his children’s education and even make some home improvements.

Nabat is a 33 year-old Iraqi woman who is married with three children. With limited career options due to cultural expectations and domestic responsibilities, Nabat works from home and uses her sewing skills to make dresses and small household items to sell and contribute to the family’s income.

In February of last year, she took out a $1,500 loan to buy a new sewing machine -- making her work more efficient and allowing her to provide a wider variety of designs. Nabat repaid her first loan and is now taking out a second loan to make further improvements to her business. Now she is asking for $3,000 to improve her work space in her home -- a clear sign of success!

Zahra a 22 year-old living in Tyre, Lebanon. She is already requesting her second Kiva loan (and fourth loan from Kiva partner Al Majmoua)! Her first was a $1,000 loan at the age of only 19 to buy a professional hair drying chair and beauty tools for her beauty salon business. The goal of her original loan was to increase her income enough to pay her brother’s school fees. After repaying her first loan, she is requesting a second one of $1,000 -- this time to purchase a tattoo machine and necessary inks and needles to expand her business. Tattoos are frequently requested by her customers, so she wants respond to rising demand.

Flordeliza took out her first Kiva loan last March to buy materials for her catering business. Married and a mother of three, she has been in the business for 40 years and was looking to save money to expand. Since then, Flordeliza’s husband has passed away, leaving her solely responsible for her family's finances. She just took out her second loan on Kiva to expand her business and secure her family's future.

Flavia is a 35-year-old married woman from Uganda with seven children -- all between 4 and 17-years-old. She also takes care of two of her orphaned nephews. Flavia has supported her large family with a business selling coffee seedlings and bananas.

Her first $1,225 Kiva loan was used for buy better seeds and construct a shelter to prevent the seeds from scorching in the hot sun. She has paid back her first loan and is now requesting another loan of $1,150 to buy take care of goats she received from a government-funded agriculture project. She wants to stock more local breeds for cross-breeding to improve their quality and allow her to get a better price for them. She will use the proceeds to care for her large family.

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