Update from the Field: Colorful Markets, Microfinance for Students + Springtime Flowers and Celebrations

Compiled by Allison Moomey | KF16 & KF17 | Bénin

Kiva fellows enjoy some time off during springtime holidays. Kiyomi enjoys a Semana Santa beach vacation in Mexico.

Springtime has arrived and fellows around the world are celebrating the resfreshing new life springing from the ground. From millions of tulips in Turkey to smelling family members and friends in Mongolia, fellows have been busy embracing the unique cultures of their host countries. Join Isabel as she explores Ecuador’s colorful markets, Natalie as she discovers an innovative mirofinance program run from a high school, and Kim as she celebrates the colorful fields of flowers in Turkey. Finally, see how the debut of spring is enjoyed around the world with Jon in Mongolia, Chris in the Ukraine, Jen in Cambodia, Natalie in Cameroon, and Kiyomi and Emmanuel in Mexico.

Otavalo, Ecuador: Arts and Crafts from the center of the world
By Isabel Balderrama | KF17 | Ecuador
Isabel discovers one of Ecuador’s unique craft markets where colorful and artistic products are for sale. She shares a bit of culture she observes and how Kiva’s partner MFI’s are helping indigenous borrowers to thrive.

AMFO: High School Envy
Natalie Sherman | KF17 | Cameroon
Natalie has the opportunity to visit a classroom in the American School of Yaoundé, where she observes how high school students are becoming involved in microfinance ventures of their own. See what teachers and students at the school are doing to support Cameroonian borrowers.

Hello Spring: It’s Time to Celebrate
Compiled by Kiyomi Beach | KF17 | Mexico
Fellows from east to west describe the colorful springtime celebrations in their host countries. Jon takes part in Tsagaan Sar in Mongolia, Chris experiences multiple Easters in the Ukraine, Jen celebrates Choal Chnam Thmey in Cambodia, Natalie enjoys Fête de Pâques (Easter) in Cameroon, and both Emmanuel and Kiyomi join in Mexico’s Semana Santa.

Tulip Mania, Tulips are from Turkey not the Netherlands + Maya’s Only Florist + Fast Flower Facts
By Kimberly Strathearn | KF 16/17 | Turkey
Kim explains tulips commercial origin in Turkey and the current role flowers play in Turkish culture. From carnation exports to rose perfume, flowers are both a beautiful addition to daily life and a critical part of the country’s economy.


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Plus more pictures from the past week:

Fields of tulips make for beautiful landscapes in Instanbul - Kimberly Strathearn, Turkey

Easter Eggs - Chris Paci, Ukraine

Procession del Silencio in Tenancingo

Bracelets at the Otavalo market - Isabel Balderrama, Ecuador

Global Issues class at the American School of Yaoundé with their 2012 AMFO borrowers - Natalie Sherman, Cameroon

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