Update from the Field: Learning from adversity and environmentally-friendly stoves. Plus, more on Kiva Zip

Micaela’s shot of downtown Kenema, Sierra Leone.

Another week, another helping of great posts brought to you by our intrepid Kiva Fellows. In this edition of Update from the Field we have a few very different posts competing for our interest. As one Fellow deals with the complexities of setting up and overseeing a new type of Kiva product, Kiva Zip, another continues learning more about the unique ways her MFI’s partnership with Kiva helps those least fortunate, and a third deals with the health consequences of living in West Africa. Whether keeping it close to home or exploring the furthest reaches of our planet, KF-18′s posts this week are sure to keep  you very well entertained and informed.

Coming Home with Kiva Zip
By Marc Raifman | KF18 | New York
What is Kiva Zip you ask? Well, wonder no more! In this post, New Yorker Marc talks about this innovative pilot program and how it seeks to revolutionize the way we lend… and borrow. Read on and learn more about Kiva’s new person-to-person lending platform!

Now you’re cooking with gas…
Diana Biggs | KF 18 | Burkina Faso
Here, Diana talks about her MFI, Entrepreneurs du Monde (EdM), and the unique way in which they are using microfinance to fund their socially focused projects, and more specifically: environmentally-friendly cookstoves for all households.

On Dedication, Adversity, and not Being a Whiner
Micaela Browning | KF 17-18 | Sierra Leone
Micaela brings us her first post from her new assignment in Sierra Leone. After falling ill with a bout of typhoid fever, Micaela learns a lot about the perseverance of the people of Sierra Leone who don’t often let sickness keep them from getting the job done.


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Plus, more pictures from the past week:

Kenema’s bustling fish market

Burkina Faso stove artisan at work

EdM’s clients with new cookstoves


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