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Volunteer Spotlight: “Kiva helps me feel connected to a global community"

April 18, 2022

Happy International Volunteer Week! To commemorate this week-long celebration, Kiva would like to express our immense gratitude and appreciation for our fellows, interns, and volunteers who put in countless hours to make an impact in our community and the world. Thank you for all you do to help expand global financial access.

We’d like to start off by spotlighting a few of our wonderful Review and Translation Program volunteers, who review, translate, and edit loans daily to see them fundraise on the Kiva site. Learn about who they are and what they do here at Kiva.


Jen Regan
Kiva Volunteer of the Month, January 2022

“...[S]haring in the great common task of bringing to man that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace”

Location: Northern New Jersey
Language: French
Team: Baobab (Fr)
Time with Kiva: 2 years
Outstanding contributions to Kiva: Since she began volunteering in March 2019, Jen has translated over 173,338 words. 


Heather Adams
Kiva Volunteer of the Month, February 2022

“Kiva helps me feel connected to a global community and helps keep things in perspective”

Location: San Jose, California
Language: English
Team: The Write Stuff
Time with Kiva: 5 and a half years
Outstanding contributions to Kiva: Since she began volunteering in July 2016, Heather has reviewed over 1,417,693 words.


Gladys Rivera
Kiva Volunteer of the Month, March 2022

“I can’t change the world by snapping my fingers, but I can share a bit of my time to help make someone’s life a bit better, even a tiny little bit better… ”

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Language: Spanish
Team: Los Kivatores (Sp)
Time with Kiva: 4 years
Outstanding contributions to Kiva: Since she began volunteering in October 2018, Gladys has translated over 120,053 words. 

Check out just how much our amazing volunteers have changed the lives of borrowers around the world. With over 48,106 loans reviewed in 2022 alone, our volunteers are changing lives, one loan at a time!



Want to be part of this amazing community of translators? Join us here.

About the author

Anna Gravois

Anna Gravois was born and raised in small town Louisiana, surrounded by a mixture of Belarusian and Cajun-French influences. As a result, she has always been curious about the intersection of culture, language, and identity, and how these factors come to shape individual experiences.  This curiosity quickly evolved into an interest in communication between different cultures, which formed the basis of her studies (along with the French language) at Santa Clara University. This is where she first became interested in discovering a way to facilitate local and global connections within the scope of nonprofit work in order to work towards a more equitable world. She is excited to join Kiva as an intern, learn more about the nonprofit sector, and connect with the 430+ international volunteers that are a vital part of the Review and Translation Program.