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What living out your passion looks like: Wayan's story

Have you ever been consumed by passion when creating something? So much so that it gives you an unexplainable feeling that makes you want to keep on doing that very thing over and over?

For Wayan from Indonesia, Balinese wood carving does just that for him.  

"Balinese wood carving touches me very deeply. I have learned a variety of arts in Bali, such as gamelan dance, but carving a piece of wood gives me an incomparable sensation," says Wayan. 

More than just a carving, it's a connection to his father, who taught him how to sculpt when he was a boy. It was then, at a young age, that he knew he wanted his world to be consumed by this feeling.

Because of this, he pursued a higher education to gain more experience. After perfecting his craft, he joined NOVICA.

NOVICA, a Kiva Field Partner, is an e-commerce website that allows artisans around the world to sell unique, high-quality goods directly to consumers worldwide. It gives artisans, like Wayan, the opportunity to reach international markets.

While Wayan was growing exponentially, he still faced financial limitations, which made it difficult for him to buy the materials he needed.

"I have to search everywhere to make sure I am getting good quality woods, otherwise they cannot be carved properly and this affects my sculptures. I work with a team of carvers, and we all agree that it is essential to have a considerable stock of wood,” he says.

Wayan heard about Kiva through our partner NOVICA and applied for a loan to buy quality wood. He was granted a $2,850 Kiva loan that was powered by 99 lenders at an interest rate of 0%.

Now, Wayan has the opportunity to focus on creating Balinese wood sculptures and let himself be consumed by his passion.

“I want to send you my gratitude for your support, as it will increase my production capacity with a view towards selling more,” says Wayan.

Thanks to your support, Wayan is able to do what he loves every single day. He is living proof that microfinance helps fund dreams.

Help other artisans like Wayan live out their passion at

About the author

Idania Ramirez

With a passion for travel and social justice, Idania Ramirez seeks to continue helping others connect via media. She sees human connection as a vital aspect in understanding humanity. She loves culture, community, chocolate and "self-help" books. As a first generation Mexican American, she strives to break barriers for herself, her family and others. She has reported as a multi-media journalist on the Texas-Mexico border in the Rio Grande Valley, been in the indigenous villages of Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala and recently worked at NBC Universal's Telemundo in San Antonio as a video journalist. She hopes to bring Kiva's mission throughout Latin America and give a window of reality of that region of the world to those who cannot travel there.