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How to succeed on Kiva

Confused? We've got you. Check this post out for information on every step of the Kiva loan process, from pre-application to finishing repaying.

Now that you've received and repaid a Kiva U.S. loan, it's easy to apply for another, larger loan.

Congratulations on fully fundraising your loan! Here are the next steps.

Repayments make up the final step in your Kiva journey. Here are step by step information on how to make loan repayments and what to do if you have an issue.

A quick guide for common questions related to how to use PayPal with Kiva U.S.

Suggestions and advice on how to make your loan profile eye catching, interesting, and engaging, so you can lure in more lenders!

Learn about Kiva's unique process and how it's different than typical banks.

Raising money by crowdfunding takes work! Here are 7 tips to help you build a campaign strategy and successfully crowdfund your loan.

Need help understanding how Kiva's crowdfunding platform works? This article's for you.

Learn about what Kiva can offer you and your business and what you need to qualify for a Kiva loan.

A step by step guide through what you need for your Kiva loan application and how you can set it up for success.

Learn about Kiva and our belief in the ability of community to help expand access to capital.