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I've fully funded! ...Now what?

Congratulations on fully fundraising your loan! Your loan will take 3-7 business days to be disbursed into the PayPal account you included in your loan application.

If the money is not showing up in your bank account, don’t worry. You will need to log into your PayPal account to claim the money and transfer it into your bank account at no charge.

Repaying your loan

Your loan repayments will begin in just one month! You’ll receive an invoice from Kiva a few days before each payment is due to remind you, to make sure you remember to pay your repayment on time. If you’d like to repay your Kiva loan faster than your repayment schedule, you are welcome and able to pay more than your monthly repayment at any time.

Your invoice will have a link to make the payment, but you can also send individual payments going to and sending your repayment amount to “” at any time, or sign up for automatic repayments.

Make sure you pay your repayments and pay them on time!


For a detailed, step-by-step explanation of repayments, click here.

For questions about PayPal, click here.

For more information on automatic repayments, click here.

About the author

Elizabeth Ingham

Elizabeth Ingham is an AmeriCorps Member and KivaRoc Assistant Program Coordinator. After interning with the Kiva NYC office, she is excited to work with Kiva in her home town of Rochester, New York. In 2017, Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Psychology from Wells College in Aurora, NY. She is passionate about design and linguistics, and she hopes to use those passions to increase the accessibility of Kiva. When she’s not working, Elizabeth loves to cook for friends, play her ukulele, and go on adventures. She someday hopes to own a herd of goats.