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Cashew is the new cocoa for farmers in Ghana

Kiva's Field Partner is helping local farmers adapt to the changing agricultural market in Ghana.

Tajikistan's official master seamstress gets a Kiva loan

Munavvara, now internationally recognized for her self-taught talents, wants to establish a 1-year program for 30 girls from extremely poor rural areas in Tajikistan.

Abigail takes action to affect change in Ghana

Abigail's story involves broken homes, dreams of helping kids, perseverance, faith and unparalleled determination.

Women and men standing against violence in Latin America

By working together with men and women, we can re-define the current concepts of masculinity and take a closer look at cultural norms and power relations that perpetuate violence against women.

Neema Crafts Centre creating an inclusive society for people with disabilities

A Kiva Fellow uses her day off to explore a social enterprise making a real impact in Tanzania. 

How iDE Hydrologic is delivering clean water solutions to rural Cambodians

Hydrologic has a simple mission: it builds, distributes and sells water filters to rural customers in Cambodia.

One Tortilla at a Time: Reducing poverty through microfinance in rural Guatemala

ADICLA is providing much-needed support to many indigenous people and others who live in rural, hard-to-reach areas in Guatemala.

An (a)maize-ing tale: Nigeria’s new farming revolution

Babban Gona is a unique Kiva partner because they do so much more than make loans. They support the farmer during the entire farming cycle.

The Grapes of Mirth

A week after I got to Georgia as a Kiva fellow in the field, I received an invitation to help pick grapes in the village of an acquaintance's parents. 

Tajikistan: A land of resilient and resourceful people

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, the new republics had varying degrees of success in adapting to the introduction of capitalism. Tajikistan struggled more than most, compounded by the fact that it suffered a five-year civil war soon after declaring independence.


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